Nina Gabriel Art



Following are pictures of abstract design pendants & necklaces made with crystals mainly SWAROVSKI and other crystals and beads, abstract paintings, pins, found objects, lace and much more. These are one of a kind creations of my imagination, I hope you will love them as much as I loved making them.

ABSRTACT DESIGN”  Made with crystals, beads, lace and abstract design metal.  $50.00

AQUAMARINE FROG” Frog pin with  Swarovski crystals and pearls around.  $50.00

AQUAMARINE DISK” Crystals used are Swarovski. $40.00

“BLUE FLOWER” Beaded lace flower with SWAROVSKI crystals, Pearls and golden beads. $55.00

“AUTUMN” Beaded lace with Autumn color beads and Swarovcki crystals. $40.00

“LIFE IS MEASURED BY MOMENTS” Beaded red flower on lace, BEE pin, Swarovski crystals, golden plaque with saying: LIFE IS MEASURED BY MOMENTS  $50.00

PINK BUTTERFLY” Swarovski crystals, beads and pearls. $40.00 SOLD

“CRYSTAL BUTTERFLY” Red crystal flower, silver heart, lace Swarovski crystals. $50.00

” GOLDEN CRYSTAL FROG” Frog pin, Swarovski crystals, abstarct painting, golden mesh,  shell, pearls and beads. $55.00

LIZARD & A BUTTERFLY” LIZARD pin, Golden Butterfly, mesh leaf, Swarovski crystals, golden leaf. $50.00

CHINESE COIN & BEADS” Abstract painting, Swarovski crystals, Chinese beads & coin. $40.00

“CRYSTAL FLOWER” flower made with Swarovski crystals on lace. $55.00

GOLDEN BEE & RED FLOWER” Golden Bee pin, Red Crystal flower, mesh green leaf, Swarovski crystals. $$50.00

“I LOVE YOU” White flower beaded pearls and Swarovski crystals on lace with I Love you pendant. $$40.00

“WHITE FLOWER & LADY BUG”  Golden heart, Golden Disk, Golden Butterfly & a Lady Bug, White flower, Swarovski crystals. $$45.00

“GOLDEN MASK & A HEART” Golden Mask, Golden Heart, Golden tryangle, Chinese Coin, rose, lace, Swarovski crystals, feather.  $50.00

“TWO CHINESE COINS” Chinese coins, Chinese bead, Swarovski crystals, Abstract painting, Green mesh leaf. $$50.00

CRYSTAL SNOWFLAKE” Big Chinese Coin, Golden key, Crystal Snowflake & other crystals, abstract painting, golden mesh. $45.00

GOLDEN CUPID” Abstract painting, crystals, lace with pearls, metal Snowflake. $45.00

WHITE FLOWER” Beaded with pearls & Swarovski crystals, Jade bead.  $55.00

RED FLOWER” Red crystals flower, two golden leafs, small crystal butterfly, Swarovski crystals, lace.  $45.00

“YIN YANG” Abstract painting, crystals, Yin Yang pendant.  $25.00


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