Nina Gabriel Art


"Something Special"


Mixed Media – Home Décor          7 ½” x 11 ¾”       19cm x 30cm                             August/2003                  $55.00    

 Collage/Assemblage/Clay/Acrylics/Silk fabrics/Felt paper/Paper tag/Chop sticks/Decorative thread

  Something special

  The middle portion of this collage of Chinese theme is a large gift tag. On this tag is collaged a rare silk fabric painting with red acrylic color around it. There are several pieces of silk fabric collaged onto it, retouched with acrylics as well. In the middle is a Yin/Yang sign, made of clay, painted with acrylics. The background consists of two layers of felt paper, black and red. The calligraphy on chopsticks is done with red acrylic paint. The message reads:

   “When you know you have something special never forget it”.

  Chinese Proverb

  “To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kind that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the world or action for the expression of gratitude.” 

Albert Scwetzer

"Geisha with a Fan"

Mixed Media – Home Décor        4 ½” x 6 ¾”      Framed 7 ½” x 9 ½”   19cm x 24cm        January/2003   $50.00

     Collage/assemblage/Embroidery/Clay/Acrylics/Metallic mesh/Metallic squares/Hand made papers/Japanese silk fabric                                                                                                                                   

   Geisha with a red fan

  This is another example from my Japanese collection The Geisha with red fan is made of clay, colored with acrylics. It is attached to apiece of metallic mesh with metallic golden thread hanging from two small pieces of thin bamboo shots. The metallic mesh is sewn onto a red Japanese silk fabric, which is then sewn to Japanese handmade paper. I also attached two long streaks of metallic squares on two sides and four individual ones on four corners. I believe I achieved to reflect the Japanese theme in this assemblage

Geisha – a person of the arts and artist.

  “There are women whose perception of passion is very keen, they are the women who most inspire it.”  

Kate Chopin – The Awakening and selected stories.


"Japanese Golden Red fan"

Mixed Media – Home Décor    4 ½” x 6 ½”      Framed  7 ¼” x 9 ½”   $55.00

18 ½ x 24 cm                      January/2003                                                                     

  Assemblage/Embroidery on thick mesh paper/Golden metal mesh/Gold, red & black decorative threads/Wood sticks/Jewel balls/Thick green felt fabric/Rare Japanese handmade paper.

 Japanese Golden Red Fan

  This assemblage of hand cross-stitched fan is one of several collages from my Japanese collection. When I create pieces on different themes, in my mind, I travel to that particular country, imagining the surroundings and scenery in my minds’ eye.

  The fan is embroidered and cross-stitched with three different colors of metallic threads on a hard paper mesh. It is attached to streaks of wood with metallic threads, and then to a piece of metallic mesh. On top, I attached a piece of a chopstick along with two faux jewelry balls. All that is attached to two different kinds of fabric – green felt and Japanese silk, which I embroidered together with gold metallic thread, for better effect. The background is gold handmade Japanese paper.

  “ Do not pursue the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. The past no longer is, and the future has not yet come. Look deeply at life, just as it is arising in the very here and now. Recognize it – invincible, unshakable. Care for it with your heart and mind.”


 "Postcard from Hawaii"

Mixed Media Collage / Assemblage  Found objects 5″ X 7″  White/ Wood frame Framed 12 ½” x 16”  31 ½ cm x 40 ½ cm     

POSTCARD FROM HAWAII    $150.00                                                            $50.00$150.00$

"Egypt with Longevity Turtle"

Mixed Media – Home Décor           3 ½” x 9”        Framed 6” x 12”    15cm x 30 ½ cm      August/2003           $100.00    

Collage/Acrylics/Papyrus paper/Clay/Mesh fabrics/Found objects/Decorative paper/Rice      


Egypt with Longevity Turtle

  I always wanted to do a collection of art objects and collages with Egyptian theme. I have fond memories of my travels to Egypt, as a young girl. I had my pictures taken riding a camel near the pyramids. I decided to use papyrus paper as a background for this collage. All objects made of clay are painted with acrylics. I signed this collage in Arabic. My name is the only thing I can write in this language. As a final touch, I added a metallic turtle, which is said to bring longevity to its owner

  “I believe that any event from person’s past immediately becomes a myth (a personal story).” 

David Chethlahe Paladin

"A gift of tags"

Mixed Media – Home Décor   3 ½” x 9 ½”  Framed 6 ¼” x 12 ½”     16 ½ cm x  31 ½ cm       $45.00                 August/2003                                                                                                                       

Collage/Assemblage/Handmade paper/Lace/Acrylics/Beads/Cardboard/Felt paper/Mesh fabric/Wallpaper

    A gift of gift tags

  The focal points of this collage are two gift tags. They are made of various media. For one of them, I used a thin cardboard retouched with Pearl Ex pigments, collaged onto layers of handmade papers. Also assembled are two thin cardboard strikes and between them is a lace flower colored with acrylics. On the other tag, I used layers of wallpaper and some handmade papers attaching a piece of mesh fabric with golden beads and small trim in the middle. The background of this collage is a very fine rare handmade paper with wooden strikes in it. The tags are tied with golden threads.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it is tied to everything else in the universe.”

John Miller

"Zen Garden"

Mixed Media – Home Décor              10 ½” x 13 ½”      26 ½ cm x 34cm                        July/2003      $55.00

  Collage/Assemblage/Mesh fabrics/Wood/Bamboo/Horse grass/Dry flowers/Decoupage/Pearl Ex pigments/Acrylics/Metallic and decorative threads                                                                                                                                         

  Zen Garden  

I had this beautiful picture from an old magazine. Looking at it, I decided to make my own version of a Zen Garden. The picture is collaged onto several layers of mesh fabric and on paper. All of that is painted and retouched with acrylics and Pearls Ex pigments. I also collaged a few dry flowers all around. This collage is assembled on wooden frame; the background is thick cardboard paper painted with acrylics. I attached and assembled wood panels with horse grass on all four corners. To secure the parts I wrapped them with metallic and decorative threads. It became a lovely Zen Garden.

“Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.”

  Lorraine Anderson

"Japanese fan"

Multi Media – Home Décor                         10” x 12”                 25 ¼ cm x 30 ¼ cm           July/2003       $55.00

  Collage/Assemblage/Embroidery with gold metallic thread/Hand made paper/Rare Japanese silk fabrics/Bamboo shots/Acrylics

    Japanese Fan  

This fan is from my Japanese collection. I made it from a rare Japanese fabric. The fabric is wrapped around a thick paper and attached to another piece of the fabric. The fan is attached with gold metallic thread. Pieces of fabric are embroidered to the handmade paper. All is assembled and collaged to cork paper and glued to a very thick cardboard. As a finishing touch I used bamboo shots and horse crass.

“…And what is to work with love? It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart, even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth.” Kahlil Gibran The Prophet 


Mixed Media – Home Décor        7 ½” x 10”      Framed 10 ½” x 12”   26 ½ cm x 30 ½      August/2003   $50.00

  Collage/Assemblage/Embroidery/Found objects/Papyrus paper/Handmade paper/Golden mesh fabric/Acrylics/Pearl Ex pigments


While making this collage, I was thinking about faith. I personally have a very strong faith in High Power. To represent that, I used peacock feathers made of embroidered fabric. I attached them onto a green soft fabric. In the middle I used a layer of handmade black paper colored with acrylics and retouched with Pearl ex green pigments. The green is used to bring out the feeling of faith. On top of the paper piece, I attached golden mesh fabric. Under the green fabric is handmade golden paper. For the background I used papyrus paper. To finish, I attached one of my bracelets across the collage

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”  St. Augustine 




"Grean Leaf"

Mixed Media – Home Décor         4 ½” x 6 ¼”         Framed  6” x 8”     15cm x 20 ¼ cm     February/2003   $35.00

  Collage/Embroidery/Acrylics/Decorative papers and rare Chinese silk                                           

  Green Leaf  

  “Art is the child of nature; yes, her darling child, in whom we trace the features of the mother’s face, her aspect and her attitude.”  

Henry Wadsworth

   The main element in this collage is a leaf. I tried to capture its beauty and detail using different techniques. The leaf is made of fabric painted with acrylics and then embroidered with rare color threads, mostly in green tones.

"Red Butterfly"

Mixed Media – Home Décor                3 ½” x 6”       Framed  6” x 8”        15cm x 20cm            February/2003  $35.00

  Collage/Decorative fabrics/Acrylics/Clay/Decorative threads                                           

   Red Butterfly

  I have always been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of colors of butterflies. I use butterflies in my art quite often, trying to capture their essence.

This collage is one such example through which I try to convey that special beauty.

  “To fly as fast as thought   To be anywhere there is 

You must first begin by knowing

That you have already arrived.”

  Richard Back – Jonathan Livingston Seagal

"Zen Watterfall"

Mixed Media – Home Décor          8” x 10”                                                      June/2003    $125.00

  Collage/Assemblage/Pearl Ex Pigments/Cork paper/Bamboo shots/Acrylics                               

   Zen waterfall

  The simplicity and the beauty of Zen philosophy and art have always fascinated me. This collage is part of my Zen collection. The picture of the waterfall is retouched with Pearl Ex Pigments. It is collaged on handmade paper and then on cork paper, which is also retouched with Pearl Ex gold pigment. I also collaged and assembled thin bamboo shots. I attached four precious water pearls with metallic golden thread. The cardboard frame is painted with acrylics.

 “The mind verily is the word (samsara)

One should purify it strenuously,

One assumes the form of that which is in one’s mind.

This is the eternal secret.”

  Maitri – Upanishad

"Kundallini awakened in a dream"

Mixed Media Collage                   10 ¾” x 12”                                 January/2004                              $250.00             

  Collage/Special Handmade, hand painted papers with acrylics, Pearl Ex pigments, some glitter stars and rare multi colored threads.

   Kundalini awakened  in a dream


"Autumn Butterfly"

Mixed Media – Home Décor      3 ½” x 5 ¾”    Framed 6” x 8”     15cm x 20 ½ cm                       May/2003   $35.00

  Collage/Crochet with decorative threads/Clay/Acrylics/Decorative paper/Golden mesh fabric

Autumn Butterfly

This is another butterfly collage. The colors and tones are mostly earth and autumn.

Looking at this collage, it reminds me of Indian Summers in Montreal, which happens every September.

That time of a year used to be my favorite, when I lived in Montreal, Canada.

Pleasant weather with gorgeous scenery of nature, of changing colors

    “The divine beauty of haven and earth,

  All creation, members of one family.”

  Morihei Ueshiba,          O’Sensei

"Grean Leaf with detail"

Mixed Media – Home Décor     4 ½” x 6 ¼”   Framed 6 ¾”  x 8 ¾”   15cm x 22cm                 February/2003   $35.00

  Collage/Clay/Acrylics/Decorative papers/Golden mesh fabric/Decorative threads                       

   Leaf with detail

  My infinite fascination connection with Nature led me to this collage in which I try to capture details of a beautiful leaf. This work is done using mixed media

“Art is the child of nature; yes, her darling child, in whom we trace the features of mother’s face, her aspect and her attitude.”  

Henry Wadsworth


"Love merging two hearts in balance"

Mixed Media – Home Décor     4 ½” x 6 ½”    Framed 7 ¼” x 9 ½”     18 ½ cm x 24cm             January/2003  $55.00

Collage/Assemblage/Clay/Wood/Metallic mesh/Green felt fabric/Metallic squares/Metallic thread/Hand made paper/found objects                                                                                                                        

   Love merging two hearts in balance  

I believe Love is the best feeling a person may experience. Two hearts are made of wood and placed on a wood piece. All is painted with acrylics. In between the hearts there is a Yin / Yang metal piece, also painted with acrylics. The wood block is wrapped with metallic gold thread, including the two hearts. On a round piece of clay I imprinted Love in Chinese calligraphy and wrote Love in English as well. This piece is wrapped with metallic thread and attached to a metallic mesh. Also used is crocheted embroidery. The background is handmade paper and green felt fabric. As a final touch, I added several small metal squares.

This collage is meant to encourage love and bring two hearts together in balance.

“There is a single magic, a single power, a single salvation, and a single happiness, and that is called loving.”  

Herman Hesse

"Coptic cross Life"         "Coptic cross Power"

“Life”                                                   “Power”

  Mixed Media – Home Décor             7 ¼”x 8 ¼”       18 ½ cm x 21cm                                August/2003  $20.00/ea

  Collage/Assemblage/Acrylics/Clay/Tissue, silk and gold mesh fabrics/Handmade and

papyrus papers/Pearl Ex pigments/Thick decorative and gold metallic threads                                        

  Coptic Cross of Life and Power

 The base of “Life” collage is a piece of cardboard colored with bronze acrylic paint. On top of it I wrapped a piece of hard handmade paper with tissue-like fabric, retouching it all with Pearl ex pigments. The base layer of the collage is papyrus paper, on which I collaged pieces of handmade paper, silk and gold mesh fabrics. The Coptic cross is made of clay colored with acrylics. It is collaged onto pieces of handmade paper, gold mesh fabric, papyrus and regular paper. I also retouched the whole collage with decorative tick thread.

  The base of “Power” collage is cardboard colored with acrylic color. On top of it, I wrapped a piece of hard handmade paper with a very thin green handmade paper. I collaged on it a piece of papyrus paper as background. The cross is made of clay and retouched with Pearl ex pigments. It is assembled onto small pieces of different papers. The paper underneath is a bookmark with a thick decorative thread.

I decided to keep the two collages together, since the Coptic Cross has a dual meaning: Life and Power.

  “Remember this – that very little is needed to make a happy life”

                                                              Markus Aurelius

  “Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power”



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