Nina Gabriel Art



                                                               Framed Paintings

 see previous page for descriptions – without frames. Some of the bellow listed painting are sold  or are of private collections as indicated.


"Mind, Body & Soul" framed
“Mind, Body & Soul”          $300.00

"Rebirth" framed

“Rebirth”       $500.00

"Twin Souls" framed

“Twin Souls”       $300.00

"Violet Flame" framed

“Violet Flame”       $120.00

"Fire & Water" framed

“Fire & Water”           $250.00

"I can become the wind" framed

“I can become the wind”    $150.00

  "Noel" framed

 “Noel”   $120.00

"Passions of the Alchemist" framed

“Passions of the Alchemist”    $250.00

"Anima Mundi - The Soul of the World" framed

“Anima Mundi – The Soul of the World”    $300.00

"4th of July" framed

“4th of July”    $400.00

"Birds of Paradise" framed

“Birds of Paradise”    $250.00

"Autumn" framed

“Autumn”  $250.00

"Dancing in the light"  framed

“Dancing in the Light”   $250.00

"dancing in the rain" framed

“Dancing in the Rain”  $200.00

"Stella de la Mare" framed

“Stella de la Mare – The star of the Sea”  $250.00

"The Way" framed

“The Way”   $220.00

"ISIS creator of Beauty"

“ISIS creator of Beauty” Private collection


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