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Jolie the Angel  & Reli’s & Leli’s Foundations

"Jolie the Angel"

Jolie the Angel

My brother and I were exceptionally close; we grew up as two parts of one, as he used to say. I loved him dearly, he was the one I cherished the most.

 Growing up we had big dreams to make a difference in the world by sharing our gifts.

My brother Grant was a doctor – heart surgeon and a scientist. As a doctor he has saved many lives and as a scientist he created one of the multifocal contact lenses which are used to this day worldwide by Johnson & Johnson.  (His name and patent are listed on Google)He also worked on numerous charitable projects for children in need providing his services. 

In 2006 I lost my brother tragically and in 2007 my mother and father within 7 months. It was the darkest period of my life. The only thing that kept me sane and going was the purpose of our mutual dream to make a difference. My way is through my art, desigh, poetry and writing.

Throughout these difficult years I had and still have my little Angel Jolie, my dog; he has been my only companion, when everybody was busy with their own lives. He has been by my side at all times with no reservations giving me his unconditional Love,  as no human could do under these circumstances. My purpose is to save as many animals in need, so they can find homes where they would live giving their unconditional love, for they are the little angels here on Earth to assist us humans on our life’s journey. With this in mind I dedicate my work to this cause and I invite others to follow me making a difference, so we can make this world a better place. I know I cannot save all the animals in need, but I will do my best to save as many as possible, so help me God and Universe. I would also like to propose a law, where people would not be allowed and would be punished for breading and keeping animals in unhealthy environments, just for their profits without any regards to the animals well being or lives, also for people who torture animals for different reasons.

 This will be called JOLIE’S LAW and my foundation is called: JOLIE THE ANGEL FOUNDATION.

  I have written two books, one is “My Life’s Journey” and the other one is “Spiritually inspired artworks with signs and symbols.” the major part of the proceeds will be for my foundations.

 I also intend to publish a book with my poetry with art. Now having gone to Hell and back, going through several dark nights of my soul, I saw the light. And I intend to shine it, making a difference with my work sharing my gifts.

There is yet another purpose that I would like to dedicate my work to; it is the research and healing of depression. Since suffering with it for three years, was the cause of my brother’s suicide.

My Little Boy, My Big Man


I knew a man, a man of steel,


I knew a man with the heart of a golden lion,


I knew a man with the vision of a white eagle,


I knew a man with the hands of a magician,


I knew a man filled with passion and compassion,


            Passion for universal truth and compassion for fellow humans,


I knew a man who knew how to love and forgive unconditionally,


I knew a man who was a genius, who made use of his knowledge,


I knew a man who contributed to humanity in many ways,


I knew a man who saved many lives and gave vision to numerous people,


I knew a man who possessed enormous humor, who made us laugh and cry from




I knew a man who made everybody proud and happy just being with him,


I knew a man who knew more than anybody would imagine,


I knew a man who taught me great many lessons in life,


I knew a man who gave me will, power, and strength,


I knew a man who assisted me to become who I am today,


I knew a man whose name and legacy will live for eternity,


But, I also knew this little boy, whom I loved more than myself and more than any words


            could explain.


I knew this little boy with whom I grew up and shared my life with,


I knew this little boy with whom I played and studied with,


I knew this little boy with whom I laughed and cried with, and read the fairy tales to,


I knew this little boy by whom I lived and was my reason to be,


I knew this little boy with whom I shared my all: my happiness and joy, my sorrows, and


            my dreams and visions,


I knew this little boy who brought happiness and joy into my life, enriching my life with


            his angelic smile,


I knew this little boy with big dreams and great vision for making a difference in the




            Some dreams were realized, but some left for me to dream and realize on my own,


I knew this little boy who did become the man I knew,


My Wizard and Magician, my Samurai and Warrior of Light,


My Little Boy, my Big Man, my brother Grant, whom I loved unconditionally here on




And who is in Heaven now, whom I still do love unconditionally and more,


But I miss him enormously and this is when no words can explain.




Nina Gabriel                                                               10/2006



In the loving memory of beloved brother Grant.


To learn more about my work as an artist and poet, please visit my website:




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