Nina Gabriel Art


"The Tree of Life"

The Power of Now  

I sit in silence, I hear nature speak,

I sit in silence of my own being,

Experiencing the power of now and now is divine.

It is peace, harmony and joy,

My heart is filled with love and gratitude,

Love for all there were and are and gratitude for everything there was and is.

As I sit in silence of my own being, I feel one with the universe.

I try my very best to be here and now,

I try my very best not to think of either past nor future.

I just am here and now, experiencing the power of now.

Oh, how I find hard at times, as I still wish you were here,

My dearest little boy, my dear big man, my brother Reli,

But I also know and feel and as you said it once so beautifully,

That we shall remain two parts of One, brother and sister,

Reli and Leli for eternity and eternity is now and this is my power of now.




My Little Boy, My Big Man


I knew a man, a man of steel,


I knew a man with the heart of a golden lion,


I knew a man with the vision of a white eagle,


I knew a man with the hands of a magician,


I knew a man filled with passion and compassion,


            Passion for universal truth and compassion for fellow humans,


I knew a man who knew how to love and forgive unconditionally,


I knew a man who was a genius, who made use of his knowledge,


I knew a man who contributed to humanity in many ways,


I knew a man who saved many lives and gave vision to numerous people,


I knew a man who possessed enormous humor, who made us laugh and cry from




I knew a man who made everybody proud and happy just being with him,


I knew a man who knew more than anybody would imagine,


I knew a man who taught me great many lessons in life,


I knew a man who gave me will, power, and strength,


I knew a man who assisted me to become who I am today,


I knew a man whose name and legacy will live for eternity,


But, I also knew this little boy, whom I loved more than myself and more than any words


            could explain.


I knew this little boy with whom I grew up and shared my life with,


I knew this little boy with whom I played and studied with,


I knew this little boy with whom I laughed and cried with, and read the fairy tales to,


I knew this little boy by whom I lived and was my reason to be,


I knew this little boy with whom I shared my all: my happiness and joy, my sorrows, and


            my dreams and visions,


I knew this little boy who brought happiness and joy into my life, enriching my life with


            his angelic smile,


I knew this little boy with big dreams and great vision for making a difference in the




            Some dreams were realized, but some left for me to dream and realize on my own,


I knew this little boy who did become the man I knew,


My Wizard and Magician, my Samurai and Warrior of Light,


My Little Boy, my Big Man, my brother Grant, whom I loved unconditionally here on




And who is in Heaven now, whom I still do love unconditionally and more,


But I miss him enormously and this is when no words can explain.




Nina Gabriel                                                               10/2006



In the loving memory of beloved brother Grant.


Only in My Dreams

It used to be only in my dreams,

That I would become a butterfly,

And fly to the places that,

I could not visit walking on this Earth,

But, now it all became a reality,

Since I truly transformed myself into a Butterfly,

Because the time was and is too short,

To live only in my dreams,

And now I am free and I fly,

Wherever and whenever I want to,

But there is this place and the one,

That I still cannot visit as yet,

And it is you, and those magic moments,

That I will live only in my dreams for now.


Nina Gabriel           

Peace on Earth Starts in our Hearts

Lord make me an instrument of thy Peace,

May Peace prevail on Earth and in our hearts,

May all the people of the World find their peace in their hearts and souls,

May my energies of Love and Peace touch Heaven and Earth and be spread around the World,

May my energies of Love and Peace touch the hearts and souls of people, who are in need of Love and Light,

May my energies  of Love and Peace serve as vehicles (Merkaba) of great transformation towards people’s greatness,

May my energies of Love and Peace create the best today towards the better future on Earth and in our hearts.

Journey of My Soul on the Tree of Life

Last night I prayed to the Moon

I asked The Question – Why?

She took me to the Journey of Ten Roads.

When I walked on the Greatness of my Mother Earth,

To get to my Father’s Kingdom,

My light was the bright Star of Splendor of my brother Grant,

There I wished upon all of my dreams and desires.

I met my Three Guides and Teachers from the past,

And far away places, giving me the bouquet of Flowers of Life,

Where I found the Beauty of Wisdom, Power and the Glory and I bowed before them.

Then I met with my five loves where I had to part with for the last time;

Receiving a rose from each of them, they went their own ways until we meet again in

Our next lifetimes, and I knew then that Love is all there is, but not always was,

Then I heard the harmonies of the Seven Spheres playing the music of my soul

Reminding of the pain and suffering, losses and sorrows, joy and happiness, love and peace of my life’s journey here on earth.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, my paths were clear,

 I smiled, but tears came down my cheeks, but I also felt kisses on my forehead

And I knew that they could only come from Goodness of my God Bearer to whom I owe this all

My DA’ AT my Dedo.

This morning I greet the Sun’s reflecting rays upon my heart and soul standing in a Beautiful Kingdom – Home where I try my best to understand it all,

And I only can through Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.

 Nina Gabriel

                                                                                             April 2008



To live and to love,

To laugh and to cry from happiness,

To sing and dance, playing the music of my soul,

To write and to create,

To dream and make my dreams come true,

To shine as bright as my star shines in the sky,

To fly as high as I can, greeting the Sun and the Moon,

To land on this earth with victory in my heart and my hands,

To heal and be healed, so I may love and live eternally.


Flight to the Moon


Every night I spread my wings and take my flight to the Moon,

Music of the spheres keeps me company,

The bright stars guide my way,

And when I come back in the morning,

Beautiful rays of the Sun greet me here on Earth,

My flights have not always been pleasant,

I burned my wings at times when the Moon was full,

And my lessons were not learned, as yet.

But, as the night sky touched the Earth, I tried again and again,

Only to experience better journeys as I pushed myself higher and higher into the sky,

Thus touching the Moon, and learning to fly better than before.

At times I heard the voices of Angels, speaking to me in their only language,

The language of Love, Harmony and Peace.

I listened carefully to the invisible guides and teachers, to guide my way,

And I learned the secrets of wizards and healers,

But I also knew that I am to bring these gifts to Earth, to share them with you,

So I may touch your souls uplifting your spirits, by creating beauty all around you and me.

And then, one day you will spread your own  wings and fly high as you may.

It is beautiful out there, don’t be afraid, just spread your wings and fly.

The stars will guide your way, and the music of the spheres will play to keep you company,

The Moon will be there for you to land, and the Sun will greet you on your flight back to Earth.

But remember always to come back here and share your gifts as well,

Because you will only find Love and Peace through sharing and creating your own Harmony here on Earth and in your Heart where it all began




Dark Nights of My Soul



O Dark Nights of the Universe and my Soul,

Where are you hiding the Moon?

So I may find my light again,

Or is it me that is lost in my own darkness,

Where are you my Angels?

To guide my way to the Moon,

O my Glorious Universe.

Play to me your Divine Music of the Spheres,

So I may resonate the music of my Soul,

And I may sing and dance again,

Let me find the Light in my heart,

That has slipped away with the Moon,

Did somebody take my wings as well?

Or have I lost them along my path,

But, I know that I am still a Butterfly,

And once I see the light I will find my wings and fly.

 I see your sparkling jewels in the sky,

Oh and I know my Divine Universe,

That tomorrow will be a Beautiful Day,

And I will fly once more and for eternity.


Key to our Souls


Moments of Love,

Kisses of passion ignited,

Embraces of bodies, not always so close,

Gifts of flowers of life and beauty,

Beats of our hears, not so in harmony,

Words of beauty, but missing the truth,

Sparkles of eyes, with tears of suffering,

What is it that we missed?

Didn’t we see the key, so we would have unlocked our heart to touch each other’s souls?

Because then, love would have become eternal,

Passion would be endless,

Gifts would be of joy and happiness,

Beats of hearts would be harmonious,

Sparkles of eyes would shine brighter with stars instead of tears,

And the words of wisdom would become the truth,

Then we both would become one, and eternity itself.



Music of the Spheres

Play music play, music of the spheres,

Because the stars shine brighter,

Because the Moon comes closer,

Because the Sun is warmer,

Play music play, music of Heaven and Earth,

Because Rain drops its jewels,

Because the Rainbows become greater,

Play music play, and play your Harmony,

Because I can sing and dance with love and joy in my heart,

Resonating my own music, the music of my soul.



Soul Flames


Take my hand let’s walk this Earth together,

Take my heart; let’s love each other,

Embrace my body, let’s make Love.

Feel my soul let’s create together.

Be and stay with me forever, so we may make the difference together.

Grow old with me, so we may fly to Heaven together.


Soul Mates

We met when our souls recognized each other,

Looking into each other’s eyes, that’s when our journey began,    

Once more completing the cycle, or we thought that way.

Sparkles flew of Love and Passion,

But as we tried to catch them along our path,

They slipped away only leaving behind their dark shadows of sorrow, suffering and tears.

But one day we understood those sparkles we were to catch,

Were only bright colors of wisdom, knowledge and understanding,

That destiny has brought us together once more,

So we may learn the lessons of the past and together create better future for generations to come.

Before New Moon



I cried and I prayed

I forgave and I asked for forgiveness,

I called on my Angels and my Guides,

I called on my ancestors, and God,

I searched for the Moon and the Stars,

Where are you all?

Have I not suffered enough?

Am I being tried again for my faith in you and me?

Should there be a question any more?

Why don’t you bring the Stars and the Moon?

And don’t forget the Sun,

Because I am ready to fly and greet the day,

So I may bring back my happiness.


Jolie The Little Angel

They say you are a doggy,

But I say you are my Angel,

They say you don’t understand

The words I speak to you.

They say you only bark, not speak,

But they don’t know

That we speak to each other, using the only language you and I

Understand best, and it is the language of Love

When you lick their wounds and I try to heal their bodies and souls,

We create peace and harmony here on Earth, until we all meet in Heaven

Where you were created appearing in my dream before coming into our lives

With Love and Light in your beautiful eyes of Jolie the little Angel.



When I was a little girl you read to me the riddles and fairy tales,

I smiled and laughed for the ones I liked,

But I also cried for the ones that truly touched my heart.

For my soul might have known then, that I was being prepared for my

life ahead,

Living them in real world along my path.

As you left this earth, I fell asleep, and in my sleep

I was treated harshly; I was taught many life lessons,

I wore veils of darkness with jewels of tears sawn on them.

But I also studied, created, sang and danced along the way

Always believing in better future hopping to wake up from that nightmare.

And in my dreams of suffering and sorrow I always felt your hand,

And I followed the light that you had ignited in me,

While you were still here with me, molding my heart

And enriching my spirit with love and light.

One day I woke up from my sleep, by a kiss felt on my forehead,

The day was beautiful, the Sun shining brightly,

And I could see the rainbow, which I had crossed not too long ago in my dream.

By then, I was not a little girl any longer, who once sat on your lap and listened to the fairy tales you read to me.

This time I found myself with a little girl’s heart and soul inside of a body of a grown woman that I saw in the reflection of the Moon high in the sky smiling at me.

  I still do sing and dance, I also create, write and heal,

Because, as I woke up, I decided that from that day onward I would only live the beautiful stories, the ones I liked the most, leaving the others behind.

To sing, dance, create, write and heal living my life’s purpose.

I call upon your spirit today, my dear Dedo, my grandfather,

Just to tell you that I have transformed the jewels of tears of sorrow and suffering,

into tears of joy, happiness, harmony, peace and most of all Love,

As you always taught me to do, while you were here on Earth, and still do while you are in Heaven, but now only in my dreams.

Dedicated to my grandfather Dedo-Aram /My guiding Light from Heaven


Living in my Bliss

Under the shadows of Love

Which I found in sadness and sorrow of the past,

I found my Jewel in the Crown of Beauty,

And in the light of bright stars of passionate Venus

And ever- strong Mars Harmony was created,

The harmony of my true essence was born,

By being a woman creating on this Earth,

I travel to Heaven in my dreams, only to bring

True Love to Earth, by living in my Bliss.


Flower of Life

 To plant the seed of Flower of Life,

First I had to find the divine seed,

Searching for it all my life,

I tried to find it in world mysteries,

And in travels and journeys throughout my life,

Through suffering, sorrows, joys, happiness and sounds of music.

It seems I have lived a hundred lives,

So, finally when I thought I found the seed,

It had to go through some transformation and germination,

Balancing the energies according to the divine plan of my soul’s journey,

I planted the seed seven years ago, in my Mother Earth,

Watering it with my own tears, asking my Father Heaven to send its bright rays of the Sun to make it grow into a beautiful Flower of Life,

Now that I have crossed the Rainbow bridge of seven years and colors,

I suddenly realized that the flower I was looking for, was always in me,

Growing in my own center, waiting for the right time to bloom,

So, the right time came today, and it suddenly bloomed,

And that is when I noticed it with my inner eye,

So I thanked my Mother Earth and my Father Heaven for giving me the most precious gift they could give and that is the Flower of my Life.




To my Mother Ketty


I sing this song to you, my dearest beauty of this world,

To the one that has brought me to this Earth,

I sing this song with love and tears in my heart,

Because, there are no words to describe the love I feel for you,

And not enough tears I can shed for the suffering you have endured,

I sing this song to thank you for all that you have given and done for me,

My dearest and precious Venus of this Earth,

I sing this song for the world to hear how much I appreciate and adore you,

I sing this song to you; to accompany the divine music you played to me for all these years,

And as we come together on this day, with opposing symmetry of our ages,

I bring to you the gifts of healing and freedom we both wished for so long,

And as I sing this song for you, I want for our spirits to be connected,

Eternally singing and playing the music of our hearts and souls.



My father the handsome Lion of our Kingdom



The handsome Lion played music and sang beautifully,

While creating his kingdom,

And he roared when sometimes was lost on his path,

He gave and gives unconditionally,

Teaching us the lessons and ways in life,

Sometimes harsh, but always soft in the heart,

The years have passed and the journeys were numerous,

Sometimes long and cold, other times short and warm,

But always in search for better future ahead,

And as his cubs grew, creating their own kingdoms,

They have always known and know that the big handsome

Lion still has his big loving heart and they love him for that.

So, I ask you today, never stop singing and roaring with great love in your heart,

 My dear handsome Lion, my father the King of our Kingdom,

 So we may always find our way to your kingdom with loving songs in our hearts.






 P.S. By all means I never claim to have grown fully spiritually nor have I arrived to a place of total bliss.  Especially when life has presented the most difficult challenges in my life, such as loosing my whole blood family within 11 months in 2006-07, when I tried exceptionally hard to find my center and faith once again. The Bliss that I experience is only when I create art, write poetry or assist with healing and do charitable works, and as far as my spiritual journey it is a Journey not a destination. 

  I am infinitely grateful for my grandparents, parents and especially my brother who have assisted me enormously on this journey and  for the years that I have lived with all of them. 

Finally I am humbled and grateful to Higher Power/Universe/God for enriching my life with such gifts of beauty and healing, because when I create and heal as well as get healed, I know it is not me, but some other energies that work through me, I am only a humble servant working for the greatest good


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