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All paintings are framed

Please refer to the next page to see pictures of framed versions.

"Melody of Love"

Melody of Love

“Melody of Love”      Yellow Corrugated Cardboard 4 ½” x 6 ½”                                             

  Acrylic colors used: Gold, yellow, copper background- Aquamarine, red, off white gold top layers. Golden sparkle dust.

"4th of July" not framed

“4th of July ”  8″ x 10″    Special black paper with Blue pearl Ex layer/Blue, Red, White, Golden – acrylics and Gold dust.                                                                       

"The Way we were" not framed

The Way We Were”  7 1/2′ x 9 1/2″ Special black paper- Purple, orange, off white, silver and antique gold acrylics.                                                              

"The way of Love" not framed

“The Way of Love” 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Acrylic colors used: Pink, aquamarine, red. Red & aquamarine glitter dust.                                                                                     

"The Star" not framed

“The Star” 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″  Acrylic colors used: Purple, green, black, gold with green. Golden sparkle dust with gold stars.                                                            

"Somewhere over the Rainbow" not framed

“Somewhere over the Rainbow.”  5″ x 7″  Acrylic colors used: various greens, various oranges, off white, purple and yellow – multi layers.                                    

"The Way of Mother Nature"

The Way of Mother Nature.”  5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ Acrylic colors used: Purple, yellow, red, green, aquamarine, orange. Layer of crashed beads added.                    

"dancing in the Light" not framed

“Dancing in the Light” 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Acrylic colors used: Red, gold and off white.                                                                                                          

"Dancing in the Rain"

“Dancing in the Rain.”    4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Acrylic colors used: Grey, off white, orange, silver and yellow.                                                                        

"My Fairy tale" not framed

“My  Fairy tale.”     5″ x 7″ Acrylic colors used: Blue, orange, white, silver, burgundy. Silver and burgundy sparkling dust with stars.                          

"Kingdom" not framed

“Kingdom.”  4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″  Special black paper. Acrylic colors used: Grey, plum, white and gold.                                                                                                          

"Autumn" not framed

“Autumn” /”Autanno” 7″ x 9″  Spacial black paper. Dry roses and leaves. Acrylic colors used: Red, yellow, green, white, orange, plum and golden dust.                                   

"Yellow path" not framed

“Yellow Path.”  ” Gallo Vialetto“4 1/2″ x 6 1/2” Special black paper. Acrylic colors used: Yellow, aquamarine, dark and light red, dark blue and white.                                       

"warrior of Light" not framed

“Warrior of Light.”   8″ x 9 1/2″  Special black paper layered with antique gold pearl Ex pigment. Acrylic colors used: Dark blue, dark red, off white, orange, aquamarine. Aquamarine sparkling dust.                                                                                            

"passions of Aquarius"

“Passions of Aquarius”

White corrugated cardboard. 5” x 7”   Acrylic colors used: Gold, red, aquamarine and blue.         

Exhibiting in 5th International Art Festival OMMA 2007 – Crete, Greece.

"Birds of paradise" not framed

“Birds of Paradise”                                                        

 Painting Acrylics & Pearl Ex Pigments on special paper.

4 ½’ x 6 ½’ Framed 8 ½’ x 10 ½’ July 2006

Special Black paper/Acrylics/Pearl Ex Pigments/Golden bead dust. Antique copper frame with inside white cardboard with antique copper frame.

Colors used: Red, yellow, orange, dark blue, aquamarine, golden, green and some mixed colors by me.

Exhibiting in 5th International Art Festival OMMA 2007 – Crete, Greece.


"Mind, Body & Soul" not framed

“Mind, Body & Soul”                                                          

 July 2006

Painting – 7 ½” x 9 ½’ Framed 12” x 15” Black Wooden frame. Inside off white cardboard frame.

Acrylics and pearl ex pigments on special black paper and board. Colors used; Violet, Indigo, Red, White and Gold. Sprinkled with gold sparkling dust. Multi layered.

"Mistery of Love" not framed

“Mystery of Love”                                                               

 Painting Acrylics & Pearl Ex Pigments on special papers

10” x 13” Framed 16” x 20” July 2006

Special Black paper/Acrylics/Pearl Ex pigments/Silvery Frame with inside cardboard frames off white and burgundy. Colors used: Aquamarine, orange, white, gold, pink and red sparkle dust.

“Magic Square”


“Magic Square”      Framed with wires between Plexiglas.                                                          

 Collage Painting – Acrylics on special paper 8” x 10” July 2006

Collage/Acrylics – Gold, Silver, Aquamarine and Red/Copper dust on special paper/Between two Plexiglas secured with copper wire.

Acrylic colors are applied to special black paper, collaged onto music notes paper.

"Sparcles of love & light" not framed

“Sparkles of Love & Light”                                                 

 Mixed Media Painting – Acrylics on special paper 5 ½” x 8 ½” – 12” x 15” Red Wooden Frame/ Inside white and black cardboard frames.

July 2006

Collage/Acrylics- Red, Green and Gold/Pearl Ex Pigments – Earth and Golden tones are mixed and applied onto very thick handmade paper/Some small pearls, golden beads and sparkles with stars are applied as well.

"Splendor" not framed


 Painting – Acrylics on Special paper 4 ½” x 6 ½” 12” x 15” Antique Copper Frame/Inside Bordeaux/White/Golden cardboard frames. July 2006

Acrylics – Orange, Blue, Yellow, Off White, Blue and red sparkles.

"Fire & water" not framed
Abstract design acrylics on cardboard painting.5” x 7”                                     Framed 12’  x 15”          September 2006
FIRE AND WATER                                                                                   
"I can become the wind" not framed

Abstract design acrylics on special paper painting.

4 ½’  x 6 ½”                            Framed  11 ½”  x 14”                         October 2006

I CAN BECOME THE WIND                                                    

"Noel" not framed

Abstract design acrylics on cardboard painting.

5” x 7”               Framed 14” x 16 ½”                                     September 2006


"Somewhere in the woods"


 “Somewhere in the Woods”

Painting on special paper

10 ½” x 13 ½” Framed 16” x 20” July 2006                                                                               

Acrylics on Special Black paper. colors used: Red, blue, yellow, orange, copper, light orange and mixed greens. Some golden sparkles dust. Outside black frame with inside metal black frame, Inside black and white cardboard frames.


 "Magical memories of emerald city of OZ"

“Magical Memories of Emerald City of OZ”

October 2006                                                                                  

Painting on cardboard. Framed 10 ½” x 12 ½” Inside off white frame. Colors used: Green, red, pink, orange, blue, white, antique gold acrylics and golden sparkle dust.


"Violet Flame" not framed

“ Violet Flame”

 September 2006

Cardboard 5” x 7” Framed 10 ¼” x 12 ¼” Antique Silver frame. Inside white frame. Colors used: Blue, Silver, Orange, Violet – acrylics and Silvery sparkle dust.      


"Twin Flames for Eternity" not framed


 “Twin Flames”  

 Home Décor 6” x 9” 12” x 15” Red Wooden Frame/Inside White and black cardboard frames. July 2006

Acrylics on Rice paper/Colors- Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Aquamarine, Mixed Greens, White & Golden sparkles.






 Painting on special paper

10” x 13 ½” Framed 16” x 20” July 2006

Acrylics and Pearl Ex Pigments. Black outside and inside frames. Gold dust. Colors used: Aquamarine, violet, orange, gold, off white, green and some mixed golden colors.                                    

Selection of some other paintings
"Twin Souls" not framed      “Twin Souls”
                                          "Anima Mundi" not framed   “Anima Mundi”
 "Stella de la Mare" The star of the sea" not framed   “Stella de la Mare The star of the Sea”
"The Alchemy of time"   “The Alchemy of time”
  "Passions of the Alchemist" not framed    “Passions of the Alchemist”

"Missing You" not framed        “Missing You”
        "The Way"      “The Way”

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