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"The pathof my soul"

The art of the American award-winning artist Nina Gabriel reflects the deep understanding of mythology, Kabbalah, astrology and many other forms of esoteric knowledge and wisdom. It is subtle in its form and yet contains complex and powerful messages. There are many themes and subjects but the predominant message is that of a person searching and finding the key to the soul through one’s life journey. One finds joy, sadness, love, deep reflection as well as unparalleled beauty in her work. It is the combination of all of the above-mentioned themes that gives her art a mystical quality. However, one can see the greater message, which is the one of goodness prevailing over the negative in the human condition. The artist combines many techniques and forms, which create a great harmony which delivers her message both in a subtle and direct way. The mysticism is ever-present, however it resonates with one’s soul on the spiritual level. Some pieces posses complexity upon first impression, but a closer examination reveals a parallel with the complexity of the human spirit. That profound resonance leaves one with a greater desire for self-examination and reflection. The sometime surrealistic and symbolic imagery implies the many aspects of human experience. The presentation is full of meaning and the messages are there for us to understand and absorb. The finesse of the work is unquestionable but it is the profound meaning of her art that leaves us truly spellbound. Indeed, it is the true reflection of the talent of Nina Gabriel. Her art transcends time and history, occasional events or experiences. The timelessness of her work is the leading factor that elevates her art to the level where it touches the soul and spirit. It is all those qualities that put Nina Gabriel among the leading artists of our time and beyond.

Independent Art Critic    –  Dr.Grant Gabrielian B.Sc.

Gateway to a warm space.


Her paintings are a gateway to a hidden magical world.

One finds a key into this world of beauty and abundance, knowing one’s stride into exquisite art. Delightful and poetic landscape.

Nina Gabriel, native from USA is in charge of most peculiar inner league images that I support. Her paintings are subtle, tempting and attractive. That stimulates my senses and addresses my curiosity.

But the most gifts that I recognize and am exited about are her rich experience. It draws me into a walk on excursion to an unfamiliar world and I believe that it is the secret that she carves inside an image. That becomes her trade secret.

 With Nina Gabriel’s selection there is an absence of stereotype or conventional cliché. She expresses her personal, but also universal longing for magic and beauty.

Several of her paintings are perceived as beautiful fine learning space with signs and symbols. That turns into a meeting place for such as her experiences from her dream world. There are almost some of the mortal sins that images seek to explain or state, interpreting her collection. That skill passes over from imaginary hand. It flees from expression when I attempt to hold it firm in my hand. And spirit, I know does not escape to avoid intoxication by her beautiful and rich art.

Thus, one day I had surrounded myself with her images I noticed them full with messages, letters, filled with lyrical emotion; and there is more as well as one opens one’s mind, senses and seeks about into warm inner essence.

Nina Gabriel’s art is not just as seen space with refinement and style. No, it is stable as a small piece of jewelry that one must and will preserve, keeping it close to one’s heart for it protects from evil and senseless opinions.

The world should grant more space for this mythological art of Nina Gabriel. 

But, the feeling in my heart is that one derives happiness from Nina Gabriel’s art.

 She possesses a skill that comes out from her warm heart.

Stig Akl Stolnacke 

International member of Aica International Art Critical

                                                                                 (Translated from Swedish)


Greetings from The Ancient One

Hello Nina

I was surveying the sea of countless possibilities which is the
internet when i came across the spirited expression which is your site.
My compliments on your palette of personal perspective. I enjoyed the
genuineness and creativity of your site. The flower of your soul is
evident throughout your pages. You have woven an authentic unique
tapestry of inner light and heartfelt spirit. I wish you great joy and
prosperity in all endeavors. Thank you for sharing your creative

May you discover your dreams , embrace your gifts and awaken to your
true self that you may inspire the sacred divine within.

Yours in Relative Happiness
Micheal Teal
The Ancient One

"Metamorrphosis #2“METAMORPHOSIS #@”

Dear Nina Gabriel
We are pleased to inform you of the announcement of winners of ARTOTEQUE’s second edition of ART NOW 2007 online global art annual. 1,651 artists from 76 countries entered 2,784 works for selection. 356 artists from 71 countries and 25136 works were accepted in the 2nd edition of the competition.

I am pleased to enclose attached your Honorable Award – Diploma of Excellence

Our congratulations!

Marta Dimitrescu,
gallery manager, fine artist
ARTOTEQUE.COM                              London


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